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Hashi Sushi – Business Park Sushi?

Last night, we decided to try a new place that we noticed while driving by, but had forgotten about.

Located in a small business park, near IKEA, Hashi Sushi had little signage to point out where it was. There is restricted parking in the complex, even though everything was closed at night, except for the Tai Chi place upstairs.

Hashi Sushi seemed a bit skeptical at first since it’s so secluded, and also a last minute change of dinner location. However, it DID have a rating of 87% on UrbanSpoon at the time.

Upon entering the restaurant, there were signs indicating the stalls that were restricted parking, and a big Debit & Cash Only sign. Typical Richmond. :P

Hashi Sushi Restaurant

There was only other another group of diners other than us and it was rather spacious, though it did not have many tables.2014-05-06 19.38.56 (Large)

The menu selection is rather small, consisting of mostly rolls, nigiri sushi, and some set meals. It had an entire page dedicated to a good selection of “dragon” rolls, for a reasonable price.

2014-05-06 19.36.22 (Large)
2014-05-06 19.36.34

Our group decided to go with a few roll combos, some nigiri sushi, and an unagi don.

2014-05-06 19.57.48 (Large)

2014-05-06 19.49.25 (Large)

We had the Black Dragon roll, which was a decent size for two people.

2014-05-06 20.01.21 (Large)

The nigiri sushi was also fairy fresh and delicious. The toro wasn’t fatty enough though.

2014-05-06 19.53.21 (Large)

For dessert, we tried their green tea mochi ice cream, which was 2 for $2.99. The the outside coating of mochi wasn’t too thick, and its texture was quite good.

2014-05-06 20.20.51 (Large)

The final bill was rather reasonable for the amount of food we ordered.

2014-05-06 20.26.08 (Large)

For a small restaurant with only one other table other then our party, it did take awhile to get someone to notice you to place orders, though the service was friendly.
The restaurant had a clean atmosphere and good sushi.

Conclusion: Would definitely return, but only if in the area.

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